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Webcam for Remote Desktop 1.0 Beta

Webcam for Remote Desktop

London, UK — Apr. 18, 2011 — FabulaTech today announced a release of a new software Webcam for Remote Desktop.
Available immediately for download, this software takes what was learned from USB for Remote Desktop and brings it to you in an easier and lighter form. The software redirects a web camera from local computer to remote desktop session. It is perfect for those who use Skype, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ and many other applications in RDP or Citrix environment!
Simple and effective altogether Webcam for Remote Desktop is being a perfect solution for using webcams in remote Windows sessions, especially in the multi-user environment.
The final version of Webcam for Remote Desktop is expected to be released in May 2011.

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4 Responses to “Webcam for Remote Desktop 1.0 Beta”

  1. Cam Says:

    oh im waiting for it!
    im using remote desktop to provide service to my clients. webcam would make my communication easier.Its interesting to me if the camera is compatible with all remote desktops?i work with Techinline and LogMeIn.

  2. mary Says:

    It works with Microsoft RDP and Citrix ICA but you can download Beta version ( and try it for free.

  3. Anton Says:

    Dont work!!! :(
    Server Win 2008 x64
    Workstation Win 7 x64

  4. mary Says:

    Webcam for Remote Desktop 1.0 Beta has been successfully tested in the OS you are writing about. Please, contact our technical support ( to solve your issue.

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