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USB over Network 5: the best solution for USB device redirection

Fast, efficient and easy-to-use

USB over Network 5

FabutaTech is proud to announce the major release of one of our flagship products USB over Network. Version 5.0 is now available!

Striving to meet the ever-growing demands of our customers, FabulaTech has used the customer feedback to implemented substantial enhancements and make numerous improvements in the new version of the program. USB over Network now offers users new advanced features, more secure and safe access to devices, possibility to work with “exotic” USB peripherals, new stylish user interface and many other improvements.

The process of virtualization has been overhauled and is now implemented in a new and a more advanced way, giving you a more reliable and stable experience. Version 5.0 now offers USB 3.0 support, possibility to share non-standard or rare USB devices, enhanced security protection. The range of supported USB devices has been expanded. Authentication subsystem has been added to provide you with enhanced security of the shared USB devices.

The system of sharing rules has been introduced for our power users who require comprehensive and accurate control of the sharing process. Now it’s possible to create rules that allows sharing groups of USB devices. Another FabulaTech’s innovation allows users to choose a particular interface of a composite device for sharing. Let’s say you have a keyboard with an integrated fingerprint reader. With this new feature you can share the fingerprint interface and leave the keyboard interface for the local usage.

The graphical user interface has been drastically improved as well. It has become even more easy-to-use, simple and intuitive.

The list of supported OS has also been expanded. Both Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 are now supported.

For software developers and OEMs USB over Network Developer API is available for incorporating the functionality of our software in your own custom solutions.

More information read on USB over Network 5.0 page.

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