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Printer for Remote Desktop 1.0 Beta

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

Printer for Remote Desktop

London, UK — May 4, 2011 — FabulaTech offers you an ideal solution for printing in a remote desktop environment!

Now you don’t need to plug your printer directly into the server machine to print in a remote desktop session (Microsoft RDP or Citrix ICA). You don’t even need to install your printer’s driver on the server!

Printer for Remote Desktop creates a virtual printer on the server and allows printing from any application in a remote session to a local printer. Now users can get separate access to their own printers regardless of how many printers are being redirected to the same server at the same time. The printers are isolated within each individual session, so you don’t need to scan through a long list of printers in the print dialog to find the one plugged into your workstation!

Printer for Remote Desktop supports all needed color modes and different resolutions, printing on more than 10 standard paper sizes, both portrait and landscape orientation.

Key features:

- supports both Microsoft RDP and Citrix ICA
- doesn’t require any drivers on the server side
- each printer is isolated within the session

Download Printer for Remote Desktop 1.0 Beta and start printing in your remote session now!

Webcam for Remote Desktop 1.0 Beta

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

Webcam for Remote Desktop

London, UK — Apr. 18, 2011 — FabulaTech today announced a release of a new software Webcam for Remote Desktop.
Available immediately for download, this software takes what was learned from USB for Remote Desktop and brings it to you in an easier and lighter form. The software redirects a web camera from local computer to remote desktop session. It is perfect for those who use Skype, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ and many other applications in RDP or Citrix environment!
Simple and effective altogether Webcam for Remote Desktop is being a perfect solution for using webcams in remote Windows sessions, especially in the multi-user environment.
The final version of Webcam for Remote Desktop is expected to be released in May 2011.

USB for Remote Desktop 2.5.1 Right Here!

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

USB for Remote DesktopThe FabulaTech developer team is excited to announce the release of the new updated version of USB for Remote Desktop 2.5.1 There is only one fix in this update as some users encountered a small issue concerning installation over old versions, now this issue fixed, USB for Remote Desktop is completely ready for download! It fully ensures smooth operation and effective usage.

Download USB for Remote Desktop 2.5.1 now or if you are a newbie, feel free to head over to the program’s homepage to discover all features and opportunities of the program.

All the FabulaTech community is working hard to make all release as best and innovative as possible. Follow our blog not to miss the forthcoming updates!

Stay tuned!

USB for Remote Desktop update: the program goes 2.5!

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

We are pleased to announce the release of USB for Remote Desktop update: the program went 2.5! There is a handful of fixes and improvements in this version, the major improvement is that the data transfer speed for audio and video devices is much faster now, the device names display correctly. You can now enjoy working with Citrix XenDesktop and Microsoft webcam since we’ve added their support!

To get the new fresh version of USB for Remote Desktop, follow directly the download page or if you are willing to take a look at the full list of all program features, you are more than welcome to its homepage!

Happy downloading :)

USB for Remote Desktop

USB for Remote Desktop 2.1.1 is out!

Thursday, December 18th, 2008

USB for Remote DesktopWe are super thrilled to announce that USB for Remote Desktop hit 2.1.1 In this version Citrix ICA support added. So now it’s possible to work with USB devices both over Citrix and RDP technologies simultaneously. Grab the new version at the download page! All Citrix users are welcome to test our product, your feedback will be greatly appreciated! Here is USB for Remote desktop at a glance. (more…)

Redirect USB devices with USB for Remote Desktop 1.1.2!

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

Our enhanced USB IP tool to access local USB devices while working in remote Windows session went 1.1.2. Workflow speed has been considerably optimized, all devices work much  faster now. With USB for Remote Desktop you can make your local USB devices available in remote Windows session very easily. (more…)

Access local USB devices in remote Windows session with USB for Remote Desktop 1.1!

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

Update: The program engine is significantly improved. Stability improvements are implemented for some specific USB devices. Devices with serial numbers are handled more correctly.

As you have already guessed from the title, our software community presents the USB Over RDP new version 1.1 in which have implemented all users’ suggestions and feature wishes. (more…)