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Network Serial Port Kit updated

Today we released the new version of Network Serial Port Kit. Now it goes 5.5 Installation issue on Windows Vista has been fixed. The product does not support old license keys, all customers which bought it a year ago and wish to upgrade will be provided with the new license key free of charge.  A few words about the program.

Network Serial Port Kit allows to share physical serial port with a connected device and then access this device from any other computer over local network or the Internet. One can easily use Network Serial Port Kit for creating virtual null-modem connections over network. In other words, it is possible to connect two communications applications running on different computers by means of virtual null-modem cable over network. At that, virtual serial ports are created on both computers and they look like physical serial ports for communications applications. Data written to local virtual serial port are automatically forwarded to remote virtual serial port and vice versa.

Network Serial Port Kit

If you want to see full list of th program’s features. be sure to check out Network Serial Port Kit homepage or grab the new version at the download page!

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