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Head up to USB over Network 3.6.3!

USB over NetworkWe are thrilled to announce that new version of USB over Network is available now! With minor bug fix such as service crash when number of licenses exceeded, you may enjoy now the powerful and yet easy-to-use USB sharing features.

USB over Network allows to work with the remote USB devices over a local network or Internet as if they were connected directly to your local PC.

USB over Network Client

No need to move USB devices from one computer to another or occupy others’ PCs to work with USB device.

Save money considerably.  No need to buy additional expensive equipment.

USB over Network Client is free.

Some program’s general features include:

  • Unlimited USB devices can be shared on server
  • Unlimited USB devices can be accessed from client
  • Wide variety of USB devices is supported
  • Auto-sharing of new USB devices

Be sure to check out more features at the program’s homepage or grab the new version at the download page!

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