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FabulaTech, LLP. and MRY, Inc. Business Alliance

MRY, Inc. is a cloud solution vendor that has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement for OEM license for USB over Network as a core USB redirection technology of VUMS (Virtual USB Management System).

Contract day: October 3, 2011

MRY, Inc. (CEO: Yutaka Fujisaki; COO: Ryoichi Yoshikawa; HQ: Yokohama, Japan) has entered into a business alliance with FabulaTech, LLP and concluded an exclusive distribution agreement for OEM license for USB over Network as a core USB redirection technology for VUMS for a global enterprise market.

Agreement overview


There is a growing demand for solutions allowing the use of USB devices in desktop clouds and thin client environments, where USB is usually not supported.

VUMS, developed with USB over Network as a core USB driver virtualization technology, allows the use of USB devices by connecting and acknowledging them over network.

We would like to increase promotion efforts and sales of USB driver virtualization technology not only in Japan but also on the global enterprise market in order to strengthen our cloud solution portfolio. We will deepen the cooperation with oversea vendors and plan to expand the worldwide sales.

Target market

Our target market is a group of organizations seeking for cloud solutions such as central and local governments; financial, medical and educational institutions. We also expect that VUMS will be used in various spheres such as BCP for disaster countermeasures, energy saving, telecommunication, etc.

Virtual USB Management System

High-level USB Driver Virtualization Technology

It was very difficult to use USB devices connected to a client terminal on a virtual desktop. To solve the problem, we adopted “USB over Network“ provided by FabulaTech. USB devices can be redirected to a server (virtual desktop) regardless of the OS on the client terminal.

All USB device drivers can be managed at the central server side with this “USB driver virtualization technology“, dramatically reducing the burden of system operation and management.

High-level USB Device Management Technology

VUMS enables redirection of USB devices from a client terminal to a server using the USB driver virtualization technology.

We have also developed “VUMS management console“ so that administrators can set a connection limit for USB devices according to various criteria such as the type of a USB device, user or terminal.

On top of that, management of users and client terminals and that of USB devices can be unified in coordination with Active Directory.

VUMS only allows you to use USB devices that are pre-registered in the management console. However, it records the logs even for unregistered connected USB devices.

MRY, Inc.

MRY is a cloud solution vendor which provides secure products and services such as thin client terminals, cloud solution software and related consultations, etc.

We make efforts to provide not only the current trends of cloud solutions but also high level consultations or solutions regarding the renewal of the current system, operational efficiency improvement and BCM (Business Continuity Management) relying on our high technology and experiences since the dawn of the thin client industry in Japan. Please visit our website for more information.

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